This body of work explores the ephemera of photography as a conduit for implied reality.  Each image in the series presents a narrative, a moment in time, which has been rendered authentic using a historical photographic process: the tintype.  The medium of photography blends the time-based two dimensional image with the three dimensional world of objects, alluding to a physical reality captured in static time.  This effect is heightened when a historical process is used, creating an anachronistic experience where the captured image is both plausibly historical while also contemporary.  The immediate visual experience suggests that the image is depicting something that has occurred, but closer inspection denies this reality.  The images recall the documentation taken by early anthropologists or Victorian era snapshots of E. J. Bellocq.  What is actually depicted, however, is a fantasy utilizing surreal characters in static, timeless environments.  The actors in each image play out the idealized role of man, or woman, within the uninhabited, pristine space of the natural history diorama or the museum period room.