This ongoing work plays on the natural and perceived perceptions of fear. As a child growing up in Alaska, the bear was a character that embodied my understanding of ultimate, primal danger.  Unable to protect myself from such a threat, I created a childhood mythology in which I could defend myself from an overpowering animal using my skill for evasion. This perception and psychological interpretation evolved as I moved away from a rural lifestyle and found myself living in Philadelphia, where the human threat was much more present than that from a wild animal.  I became aware that my mental interpretation of danger still took the form of a bear, and so created passive-aggressive methods for dealing with an unnamable mythological character of aggression.  The piece included a series of handmade costumes, personas and props, including a faux-rifle which can shoot a projectile net.  The performance was staged in Fairmont Park, an inner-city woodland in Philadelphia, and features myself as a huntress stalking a theatrical bear.